HiFX Review

HiFX Review

HiFX doesn’t need any introduction in the global fund transfer business. This popularity is primarily because they provide trustworthy services at economical prices. In last 20 years, they have never failed to satisfy their customers. This has made them earn an excellent score of 9.4 out of 10 on Trustpilot.  We will discuss more about HiFX and review their services ahead in this article. Let’s try to explore what makes it one of the most favored providers in the business.

How to transfer money with HiFX

As mentioned earlier, HiFX is a purely online company, and you can make transfers through their website only. You can create your account by submitting your details and a copy of your ID for your account’s verification. HiFX verifies each and every account to prevent any kinds of frauds or scams. With a verified account you can make a transfer in minutes. First, log on to your account and choose the transaction type. You’ll need to fill in the amount you are going to send and also the amount of currency that will be received. Next, you will be required to fill in the details of the recipient and the bank account where the money will be sent to. Always double check everything before hitting submit. If everything is fine, make payments by any of their payment methods. The money will reach the recipient in 1-2 business days.

How reliable is HiFX?

Customers have really trusted HiFX for last 20 years; their glowing reviews show how truly reliable they are. Their customers have scored them an average of 9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot. HiFX is regulated and licensed by FCA, which compels them to follow certain guidelines. One of the key requirements is to keep the clients’ money in segregated bank accounts. Every year they provide financial solutions to over 6000 businesses and transfer billions of dollars. They manage and satisfy over hundred thousands customer around the world every year. In order to protect the privacy of their customers, they use world-class technology on their website. For last 20 years, HiFX has performed better than the expectations of its customers; because of this, HiFX is definitely one of the most reliable names in the business.

How reliable is HiFX?

How much will a transfer with HiFX cost you?

If you are wondering which service provider charges the least, you will be interested to know that HiFX charges nothing for fund transfers. They also offer very impressive exchange rates. But in the case of a payment made with a credit card, that fee would be applicable. It’s important to mention here that there are a few service providers who are offering better exchange rates than HiFX. You will notice a big difference in the amount received by the recipient if the exchange rates are poor. If the exchange rates are lower, you will receive less money in the end. In my opinion, zero fees gives HiFX a lot of advantages over the others. But to remain competitive, they need to improve on their exchange rates as well. Even a small difference in the rates can make a tremendous difference. In that case, even offering zero transfer fee will not make much of a difference to its potential customers.   

Advantages of HiFX’s services

HiFX possesses certain qualities which, when bundled together, makes it an amazing service provider. HiFX is growing rapidly and has now reached over 170 countries. Even though they have a large customer base, they manage to satisfy pretty much all of them. They have a great team of customer support staff who make sure that all of your issues are solved. They also have amazing speed; most of their transfers are finished in about one day!   Even in the cases of complicated transactions, the money gets delivered in maximum 4 business days. This is much faster than banks who can take up to 10 business days to process your transfer. HiFX also lets you choose from one of its many payment methods like credit or debit card or through bank transfer.

Advantages of HiFX's services

The Flaws I Observed in HiFX

It’s rather difficult to find flaws in HiFX, but I observed some limitations in their services. Their focus should be on improving their exchange rates The rates they are offering now are okay, but there are other services that are providing better. Better rates would draw more customers to their business because the customers always want to spend less. Also, HiFX makes all their transfers directly to the recipient’s bank account. They don’t provide direct cash pick up from a local office like many other service providers.

Overall review on HiFX

So far, I am really impressed with HiFX, and you should try it. I came across so many great reviews of their services. Almost every customer praises their economical pricing, great customer experience, and smooth transaction. HiFX has been featured multiple times in prominent publications like The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian. They admire HiFX every time!  They have also acquired a strong financial foothold after becoming a part of Euronet Group.  To me, HiFX seems more preferable since they have been in the business for 20 years, much longer than most of the other fun transfer companies. This certainly makes it the most desirable choice of them all.